About Us

Regelle Thomas is the creator and founder of New Jersey’s newest group fitness class, SOCA TWORKOUT FITNESS. Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and infected with the love of Soca music and dance. Regelle decided to evolve her passion and create a FUN yet HIGH INTENSE, SEXY Cardio workout. Having spent most of her years heavily active in sports and dance, she wanted to find a way to stay consistently active that didn’t involve the conventional use of a treadmill or lifting weights. She wanted something modern and different, hence SOCA TWORKOUT FITNESS was born.

“My mission to every woman I encounter is to get you Sweating until YOU feel SEXY! Sexy to you may be different to Sexy for me. You control the person you become by the actions you take and feeling good is a top factor in the results you get. So come and visit a class, I’m sure you won’t regret it!” — Regelle